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Best Anti Aging Skin Creams - What to Look For When Buying the Best

Best Anti Aging Skin Creams - What to Look For When Buying the Best
by Marianne E. Arnesson

With so many anti aging skin care creams available it is difficult to know which one to buy. Of course they all claim to be the best but you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars finding out. This article aims to provide a guide by reviewing some of the better brands available.

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage is one product that has caused a stir. And at $200 for 50ml that's hardly surprising. It is for these reasons that it is being included here. Clinical trials have produced some positive results but the public should be aware that more testing needs to be done. Another positive aspect of the clinical trial was that the product was tested in its finished form, not just the active ingredient. Reviews from users have been mixed. It seems that some people love Prevage while others hate it. Common side effects are rashes and itchy skin. Therefore it is recommended that you try it out on a small area of skin first. It seems Elizabeth Arden may want to reconsider the price.

Topical treatments containing Tretinoin (retinoic acid) have received some very positive reviews. The prescription only products such as Retrieve Retin A are considered to be the best. These also come with a budget price tag around $40. It seems that most users are very happy with the results.

Anti Aging skin care creams containing AlphaHydroxy Acids also seem to be successful in providing the results they claim can be achieved. The key, however, is to make sure that the product you buy contains at least a 10% concentration of the active ingredient (AHA). Some products containing AHA's are Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy, and Gamma Hydroxy Forte available on eBay for $60.

Purchasers of anti aging skin care creams would do well to take note of a 2007 review by Australian consumer magazine Choice. A test on women aged between 30 and 70 carried out over 12 weeks revealed that all anti aging skin care creams worked but only very slightly. Also it is noteworthy that no cream had an effect on all women. Of the products tested the best anti aging skin care creams were the ones containing AHA's.

About the Author

Marianne E. Arnesson is a life-time user and passionate fan of the benefits of natural skin care with a scientific base to promote natural skin care and fight the effects of aging.

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