Friday, October 31, 2008

Cosmetics and Our Skin Care

Cosmetics and Our Skin Care
By []Hayi Mansoor

Cosmetics are used extensively today by almost every woman in the world. The reason for doing so is simple i.e. to look more beautiful and young. Women use cosmetic products such as the foundations, lipsticks, mascara etc to make their skin look young and glowing.

At times there are several occasions in life when a woman feels that her skin is not glowing or beautiful enough than it once was. She does not feel the same pride about her skin that she once used too. This is the time when the woman uses cosmetics to hide the aging skin. The process woks fine and hides what ever the woman wishes it to hide, but the process is not permanent. She has to use cosmetics again and again to conceal the aging and unhealthy skin. This is only one reason of using the cosmetics and is not always the reason for using cosmetics. In today's world women are obsessed with these cosmetics and they are applied in parties and ceremonies by the young and old equally. It adds to the grace of a woman.

The use of cosmetics may seem to be very advantageous but it should be known to all women that its use is harmful for the skin. It might have good immediate effects but the end product results in spoiling your skin. Many women, who use cosmetics regularly, suffer from cosmetic acne. They are unaware of the fact that it is caused by cosmetics and continue applying these to hide the acne. This further aggravates the case. Cosmetic acne is easy to identify and it normally occurs on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead etc.

This is not to fright you from the use of cosmetics but it is to caution you. The side effects do not imply that you cannot use cosmetics at all. You should simply beware of the ones which create problems for your skin. The extensive and continuous use of cosmetics can harm your skin. You should apply the concealer or foundation on parties but not everyday. Normal use of cosmetics may not harm your skin at all but at times it might happen that something you use for the first time reacts on your skin. Every product does not suit every skin. Therefore mark the ones harmful for you and avoid using those in the future. Avoid using cosmetics having oil or the ones which are heavy and thick.

Cosmetics undoubtedly make a woman look younger and more charming. Their use should never be discarded but care should be exercised while using them.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Natural Cosmetics and Health

Natural Cosmetics and Health
By []Reza Desita

Natural Cosmetics refer to the cosmetics produced from things obtained from nature. Being natural, they are considered to be quite harmless on the skin. Plant products are the most widely used ingredients in natural cosmetics. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, face masks, creams, lotions, face packs- all are available in herbal varieties. Various natural lip gels and balms, conditioners, soaps, hair packs, hair gels, shampoos, sun protective bases and makeup ranges are also on offer. However, cosmetics nourish and protect your skin from the harsh environment. The natural cosmetics can help your skin to regenerate

Fortunately for consumers, there are great options in the natural cosmetics marketplace. The current level of interest in natural cosmetics is extremely high, and growing exponentially into mass market distribution channels. Natural cosmetics use a host of innovative ingredients, ranging from botanicals to herbal extracts. The natural products- leaves, fruits, roots etc. supply several essential nutrients to the skin. Many providers recommend retailer s educate staffers on how to help guide and educate consumers via in-store, hands-on demonstrations, literature and classes.

Skin is the biggest organ of our body. Are we nourishing it the right way? Every woman is born with a unique beauty and the cosmetics are only enhancing and emphasizing that beauty. Natural Mineral makeup is naturally good for our skin.

Using quality cosmetics is important, but it is not the only factor of healthy and beautiful skin. Sleep is very important for the health of the skin. Regular physical activity helps increase blood circulation in the skin surface. Eating healthy and balanced meals is also very important. And try to relax your face when you feel stressed out and nervous.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acne & Cosmetics

Acne & Cosmetics
By []David M Siegel

Many women avoid the use of cosmetics when they have acne breakouts. Many even avoid the use of cosmetics altogether in an effort to prevent acne breakouts. So, what is the truth about cosmetics and acne? Are cosmetics a factor when it comes to controlling acne or curing acne?

It really all depends on what type of cosmetics you use. There are some experts that say that the use of cosmetics have no bearing on acne or acne breakouts, as long as those cosmetics are water based or oil free. Other experts disagree.

There is a type of acne known as Acne Cosmetica. This is acne that is caused by the use of cosmetics. It is believed that the cosmetics actually clog the pilosebaceous orifice. What research has found is that this is absolutely true when cosmetics that are oil based are used. However, there is no research that proves that oil-free cosmetics clog the pilosebaceous orifice.

What scientists have also discovered is that in some cases of acne breakout, the breakout isn't really acne. It is an allergic reaction to cosmetics that are being used. When you discover which cosmetic you have an allergy to, discontinued use of that particular cosmetic tends to clear the 'acne' right up.

So, is it a good idea for women who have acne to use cosmetics? In an effort to clear up an acne outbreak, you should probably avoid the use of cosmetics. However, when you are not experiencing an outbreak, using water based cosmetics - especially those that are made of natural ingredients - won't hurt anything, as long as you don't have a skin allergy to the cosmetic.

Unfortunately, for most women, the only way to determine whether an acne outbreak will occur, with the use of a certain cosmetic, is to try out the cosmetic. If wearing makeup is important to you, this is pretty much the only option that you have. When you find the cosmetics that don't cause acne breakouts, be sure that you stick with them. At the same time, you must also be aware of other causes of breakouts, such as stress. Cosmetics aren't always the culprit when it comes to acne breakouts.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cosmetics - A Need For Every "Woman"

Cosmetics - A Need For Every "Woman"
By []Imran Malik

Cosmetics products are used for enhancing, beautifying, protecting, coloring,
cleansing or preserving the human body in which include skin, nails, hands,
hair, lips, eyes, teeth etc. Cosmetics products include perfumes, lipsticks, eye
makeup, facial makeup, skin care creams, lotions, nail polishes, hair colors and
sprays, hair gels, face powders, bath oils, salts etc all these products
available in wide range and famous brands.

Cosmetics products generally not valued in past as medically and peoples used
minerals as source for skin cosmetics, while cosmetics have become very popular
from the last 100 years and the industry of cosmetics have been established
globally, the industry is spending lots of money on its packaging and
advertising because for good sale required right presentation. In the US, the
majority of cosmetics users are young girls if we compare with other countries.

Most of cosmetics products are designed for over 30s age people to protect their
skins from dryness and wrinkles. The cosmetic products also help to maintain skin clean, to
look soft and moist. Cosmetic products can close pores for temporary, plumping
up skin to show it smoother and make it rosy shine and blush. With teenagers the
biggest problem is acne, blackheads and pimples which cause pores and the skin
starts producing oils, for reducing, wash your face frequently with cleansers
which made for this purpose.

Cosmetics have got few arguments like some makeup has been shown to be resulted
as harmful materials, like talc and petroleum which caused rash, eczema and
inflammation. After raising the health awareness increased the popularity of
mineral cosmetics, mixture of minerals and pigments which help the skin to
breath that's why there is few chances to get the eczema.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nontoxic Cosmetics Help Your Skin Look and Feel Great

Nontoxic Cosmetics Help Your Skin Look and Feel Great
By []Anne Harvester

Cosmetics are worn everyday by people, but for some, that can be a very painful experience. If you have sensitive skin, the application of something seemingly innocent like foundation, powder or lipstick can cause a chain reaction of red, itchy skin, broken skin, bumps, and rashes. This is your skin telling you that it does not like one or more of the ingredients in the makeup that you are using. If you find that you have sensitive skin, the switch to mineral makeup, one of several nontoxic cosmetics available on the market today, will be astounding.

There are some makeup ingredients that may cause flareups in your skin that you might not expect to be the culprit. One of those ingredients is paraben, which is added to commonly used personal care products such as shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, shaving gel and others as a preservative that combats the formation of bacteria and fungus in products. The problem with parabens is that some concerns have been raised about parabens possible link as a carcinogen, as well as the effect it is reputed to have on estrogen. To err on the side of safety, many people now choose paraben free cosmetics, and paraben free skincare products.

When you decide to buy cosmetics online, be sure to look up mineral cosmetics. Mineral makeup is allergen and toxin free, and thus safe to use on even sensitive skin. Mineral cosmetics are also paraben free cosmetics, so you know that they will be safe to use and soothing to your delicate skin.

Mineral cosmetics are beautiful and fun to wear. You will find all of the different varieties of makeup that you commonly wear, such as concealer, foundation, powder, eye liner, mascara, eye shadows, blush and lipstick, all available as paraben free skincare products. You will want to make sure that you have the appropriate applicators and brushes for applying cosmetics made from minerals, because with proper application they offer a smooth finish for your skin that looks natural yet covers blemishes well.

Those who suffer from acne often find relief by switching to nontoxic cosmetics made from minerals. Because []mineral makeup does not clog your pores, it tends to be very helpful in clearing up acne, and at the same time making you look beautiful.

It is a great deal of fun to buy cosmetics online, because you can shop at your convenience in the privacy of your home, and compare products to find the best []nontoxic cosmetics made from minerals that work well with your complexion and highlight your beauty.

Anne Harvester provides advice on safe personal care products and nontoxic cosmetics. She offers simple solutions for women looking for healthier alternatives or those who prefer to buy cosmetics online

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Natural Cosmetics: Glow of Youth at the Tip of a Brush

Natural Cosmetics: Glow of Youth at the Tip of a Brush
By []Sherry Frewerd

Fine lines got you down? Stop that scalpel! You don’t need a face-lift, a fine natural makeup brush and natural cosmetics will fix your wrinkles, cover your blemishes, and enhance your natural beauty.

Heavy oily makeup makes skin hang and sag as you forcefully blend it, pulling and pushing on tender delicate skin. You have a better option. Set your skin free!

Natural cosmetics offer mineral foundation powders applied with the delicate wisp of a brush. Color touches the skin like a glow of light, allowing the sheer luxury of translucent powder to accent your natural complexion, clearing tiny lines and eliminating blemishes.

You can ignite the glow within; using refined mineral foundation powder created from finely milled organic pigments found in necessary mineral nutrients. Toxic chemicals peel tender layers of delicate skin tissue as you rub and massage them into your skin to even out skin tones and blend colors. Natural cosmetic powders glide on with the feather light touch of a brush imparting protection from sun-damage with high SPF ratings and natural protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Natural mineral makeup offers excellent coverage without heavy oils that cause blemishes and skin irritation. Mineral foundation powder stays in place without streaking and running, like heavy liquid make-ups. Most makeup companies produce their own lines of mineral powder cosmetics including foundation, eye shadow, blush, concealers, and eyeliners.

Because of the small amount required for each use, you’ll want to find the best natural mineral makeup available. One container of powder lasts approximately a year with every day use. Natural cosmetics do not need to be replaced until they are used up, unlike regular oil based liquid makeups.

To apply natural cosmetics using a fluffy brush, you collect a bit of the translucent powder on the end of the brush, tap lightly and gently glide the brush across your cheeks, eyelids, forehead and chin. Gracefully blend the powder across all areas of your face with the large brush. Fine lines will disappear and blemishes fade to supple silky smooth skin.

As springtime, the glow of good health and youth spring forth with the use of natural cosmetics. Serene beauty and youth appear quickly because the translucent powder imparts a subtle glow as it gently fills the tiny lines and corrects imperfections. Your skin becomes smooth and silky when you use natural cosmetics, allowing the normal elasticity of your skin to conform to your facial structure.

With the flowing precision the softly bristled brush enhances contours of your skin refreshing your youthful exuberance and natural beauty. Natural cosmetics simplify the process of putting on make up every morning by taking the oils and liquid out of your routine.

If you haven’t tried the newest cosmetic creation, I strongly recommend you do so at your earliest convenience. You will be pleasantly rewarded with a youthful and healthy appearance and a revitalized morning routine. Your budget might even say thanks for the extra relief!

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Men's Skin Care Presents Its Own Unique Challenges

Men's Skin Care Presents Its Own Unique Challenges
By []Tony Crastus

For years, skin care and treatment products were formulated and marketed almost exclusively for women. This meant that men had to either use products designed for women to treat skin issues such as crow's feet wrinkles and skin color blotches or just go without. The problem with products that are formulated for women's skin is that they are often times buffered down to deal with a woman's sensitive skin, so they often times were ineffective when they were used on the thicker skin of men.

New Research Leads to New Answers

Recent clinical research has led to a more in depth understanding of many of the skins intrinsic biological functions. How it holds moisture and what actually leads to the formation of fine wrinkles in the thin delicate skin surrounding the eyes and lips on a persons face. All of the these problems are far less of the mystery than they once were. These new understandings have allowed scientists, dermatologist and medical researchers to develop new products specifically for mens skin care that are now available on the market.

Mens Skin Is Different

Mens and womens skin problems, although similar in appearance, can be the result of entirely different causes. For instance, a woman can have facial blemishes due to her monthly hormonal cycle, while the same blemishes on a man can be caused by skin irritation as the result of having to shave every day. Obviously, these two separate problems although similar in appearance, would require very different treatment regimens.

New Mens Skin Care Products Function Below the Surface

Fortunately for men, there are now manufacturers that have developed mens skin care products that are formulated specifically to treat skin issues that men have to commonly face. Also, many of these products contain substances that function in the skins lower substrate, on a cellular level, where many skin problems actually originate.

Written by Tony Crastus. Find the latest information on []Men's Grooming Aids

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