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Acne & Cosmetics

Acne & Cosmetics
By []David M Siegel

Many women avoid the use of cosmetics when they have acne breakouts. Many even avoid the use of cosmetics altogether in an effort to prevent acne breakouts. So, what is the truth about cosmetics and acne? Are cosmetics a factor when it comes to controlling acne or curing acne?

It really all depends on what type of cosmetics you use. There are some experts that say that the use of cosmetics have no bearing on acne or acne breakouts, as long as those cosmetics are water based or oil free. Other experts disagree.

There is a type of acne known as Acne Cosmetica. This is acne that is caused by the use of cosmetics. It is believed that the cosmetics actually clog the pilosebaceous orifice. What research has found is that this is absolutely true when cosmetics that are oil based are used. However, there is no research that proves that oil-free cosmetics clog the pilosebaceous orifice.

What scientists have also discovered is that in some cases of acne breakout, the breakout isn't really acne. It is an allergic reaction to cosmetics that are being used. When you discover which cosmetic you have an allergy to, discontinued use of that particular cosmetic tends to clear the 'acne' right up.

So, is it a good idea for women who have acne to use cosmetics? In an effort to clear up an acne outbreak, you should probably avoid the use of cosmetics. However, when you are not experiencing an outbreak, using water based cosmetics - especially those that are made of natural ingredients - won't hurt anything, as long as you don't have a skin allergy to the cosmetic.

Unfortunately, for most women, the only way to determine whether an acne outbreak will occur, with the use of a certain cosmetic, is to try out the cosmetic. If wearing makeup is important to you, this is pretty much the only option that you have. When you find the cosmetics that don't cause acne breakouts, be sure that you stick with them. At the same time, you must also be aware of other causes of breakouts, such as stress. Cosmetics aren't always the culprit when it comes to acne breakouts.

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