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Men's Skin Care Presents Its Own Unique Challenges

Men's Skin Care Presents Its Own Unique Challenges
By []Tony Crastus

For years, skin care and treatment products were formulated and marketed almost exclusively for women. This meant that men had to either use products designed for women to treat skin issues such as crow's feet wrinkles and skin color blotches or just go without. The problem with products that are formulated for women's skin is that they are often times buffered down to deal with a woman's sensitive skin, so they often times were ineffective when they were used on the thicker skin of men.

New Research Leads to New Answers

Recent clinical research has led to a more in depth understanding of many of the skins intrinsic biological functions. How it holds moisture and what actually leads to the formation of fine wrinkles in the thin delicate skin surrounding the eyes and lips on a persons face. All of the these problems are far less of the mystery than they once were. These new understandings have allowed scientists, dermatologist and medical researchers to develop new products specifically for mens skin care that are now available on the market.

Mens Skin Is Different

Mens and womens skin problems, although similar in appearance, can be the result of entirely different causes. For instance, a woman can have facial blemishes due to her monthly hormonal cycle, while the same blemishes on a man can be caused by skin irritation as the result of having to shave every day. Obviously, these two separate problems although similar in appearance, would require very different treatment regimens.

New Mens Skin Care Products Function Below the Surface

Fortunately for men, there are now manufacturers that have developed mens skin care products that are formulated specifically to treat skin issues that men have to commonly face. Also, many of these products contain substances that function in the skins lower substrate, on a cellular level, where many skin problems actually originate.

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