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Cosmetics and Our Skin Care

Cosmetics and Our Skin Care
By []Hayi Mansoor

Cosmetics are used extensively today by almost every woman in the world. The reason for doing so is simple i.e. to look more beautiful and young. Women use cosmetic products such as the foundations, lipsticks, mascara etc to make their skin look young and glowing.

At times there are several occasions in life when a woman feels that her skin is not glowing or beautiful enough than it once was. She does not feel the same pride about her skin that she once used too. This is the time when the woman uses cosmetics to hide the aging skin. The process woks fine and hides what ever the woman wishes it to hide, but the process is not permanent. She has to use cosmetics again and again to conceal the aging and unhealthy skin. This is only one reason of using the cosmetics and is not always the reason for using cosmetics. In today's world women are obsessed with these cosmetics and they are applied in parties and ceremonies by the young and old equally. It adds to the grace of a woman.

The use of cosmetics may seem to be very advantageous but it should be known to all women that its use is harmful for the skin. It might have good immediate effects but the end product results in spoiling your skin. Many women, who use cosmetics regularly, suffer from cosmetic acne. They are unaware of the fact that it is caused by cosmetics and continue applying these to hide the acne. This further aggravates the case. Cosmetic acne is easy to identify and it normally occurs on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead etc.

This is not to fright you from the use of cosmetics but it is to caution you. The side effects do not imply that you cannot use cosmetics at all. You should simply beware of the ones which create problems for your skin. The extensive and continuous use of cosmetics can harm your skin. You should apply the concealer or foundation on parties but not everyday. Normal use of cosmetics may not harm your skin at all but at times it might happen that something you use for the first time reacts on your skin. Every product does not suit every skin. Therefore mark the ones harmful for you and avoid using those in the future. Avoid using cosmetics having oil or the ones which are heavy and thick.

Cosmetics undoubtedly make a woman look younger and more charming. Their use should never be discarded but care should be exercised while using them.

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